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Logan, Jack and Audrey

May 15, 2006 @ 10:08pm

Tonight we're getting together with some old friends and they have a daughter named Audrey who is our son Jack's age. "Jack and Audrey," just like the lead couple on 24. Neat. Unlike Smallville, where Niki and I just watched 3 episodes on Mother's Day that were TiVoed in March and April, we are all caught up on 24 and saying Jack and Audrey out loud to her yesterday made me think of that show.

It also reminds me that Niki likes the name Logan if we ever have a third son. Now as much as I loved Wolverine comics when I was in high school and as dreamy as Logan is on Gilmore Girls, I'm not a big fan of naming a son Logan. Of course I'll delete this post if she does convince me to go with Logan...and then I'll have to get Google to delete their cache of it.

Anyway, I was thinking about the president Logan character on 24 and how he was so weasely and spineless last season and at the beginning of this one. But as the season has come closer to the finale and he has been revealed as more calculating, controlling and sinister, he has become infinitely more presidential to me. Doesn't that say something bad about U.S. presidents?

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