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Opie's Day

May 19, 2006 @ 7:28am

I decided to start previewing soundtracks in my Yahoo Music Engine before seeing movies. For example, I listened to the Hoodwinked album and as much as I love Ben Folds it wasn't great, so I skipped the movie.

Now that Ron Howard's movie is in theaters, I just tried listening to the soundtrack to The Da Vinci Code, It was in Yahoo's system, but not available for playing yet so I'm checking out a related album from 2004 called "Code Of The Goddess (songs inspired by The Da Vinci Code)." It's a Celtic-flavored new age album: church-worthy music for an anti-church movie.

If I end up enjoying it, should I go see the movie which has music by Hans Zimmer? Should I wait for Yahoo to make the real deal available for my inspection? Is this new method for picking movies flawed?

What would Leonardo do?

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