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I'm hiring web designers

May 22, 2006 @ 11:39pm

I have been totally spoiled when it comes to working with web designers on big projects.

In the recent past I have worked with Jeffrey Zeldman and Doug Bowman. Right now I work with Mike Propst (nonsensor, my Elongated Man) and Andy Fraley, the editor of design in-flight and a former art director from my Venture Reporter days. These two guys are hard-working and brilliant.

I'm looking for some more designers who can join our team and help us keep up with our upcoming two or three blogs per week launch schedule. I'm looking for designers who make not just great logos, but entire sites and are able to carve up solid XHTML into pieces and learn their way around Blogsmith.

More specifically, I need:

Does this sound like you?

Does this sound like someone you know?

Does it sound like someone you'd really really like to know?

Yeah, same here.

Then we should talk.

UPDATE: These are full-time, work from home design positions in two of the divisions I run. As great as many non-U.S. web designers are, I'm not sure I could survive the process of trying to hire someone from out of the country. So if you're only looking for part-time work or you are more than 3 time zones away from NYC, I probably won't be able to bring you on board.

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