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See no evil

May 28, 2006 @ 2:04am

My analogies are acting up again:

Brad Pitt is to Angelina Jolie as Doug Bowman is to ________.

The answer? Google.

Just like Brangelina, Bowgle is a combination of two powerful forces that should produce some attractive offspring. We'll be watching.

Doug was one of my Meet The Makers guests in San Francisco right after his Wired redesign launched back in 2002. In 2003 his famous Sliding Doors article was in the first issue of A List Apart that used my publishing tools. In 2004 I built another publishing system that uses one of his fantastic designs. He is a great designer and more importantly a great problem solver.

It wasn't really a surprise to me when I heard that he had taken a position as Google's Visual Design Lead. Most of his recent work that I had heard of was for Google and ever since Google acquired his Adaptive Path buddy Jeffrey Veen and Measure Map it just seemed like a matter of time.


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