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Where do people think the names on everyone else's comments come from?

June 11, 2006 @ 10:51pm

"Email addresses are never displayed, but they are required to confirm your comments."

Somehow more and more people are reading that line in the instructions for our comment forms and thinking it means that we will not be showing their names. I get more and more email from people who are horrified to see their full name appear with their comments when we promised them that it wouldn't happen.

"You People LIED, you said when I filled in the name and stuff that you didn't show names and then you put my full name on there, that is a damn lied on your part and you'd better take my name off that NOW!"


Can't people tell that you can put "H. Potter" or "I hate rashes" for your name and we will accept it?

Where do people think the names on everyone else's comments come from?

Do our bloggers just make those other names up?

Obviously if the market -- or at least a small number of the new influx of readers we gained with the AOL deal -- thinks we are promising to magically hide their last names in our comments, we need to educate them a little better so I don't have to go keep changing someone's "Dr. Francis Giordano" to "Dr. G." when they write me in a panic after commenting.

If only those instructions weren't unique to each of our blogs and I could change all of them at once...

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