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Everyone's a dot comedian

June 14, 2006 @ 6:13am

Last week I asked Mike if he and Erika had registered for wedding gifts at Mac Connection. I should have said, "Where did you register for your wedding, GoDaddy?" He did make a wedding site after all. WHOIS says it was GoDaddy's "Domains By Proxy" unit. Nice.

Tonight while I was writing a post that I'm scheduling for later, I jumped over and registered a new domain name. Sometimes I have one that catches my eye, one that I need to snag right then and there. I guess it hasn't happened to me in a while because the registration process seemed really unfamiliar. Jason and I used to register domains a couple of times a week back in the startup days. Now Weblogs, Inc. has a portfolio of what seems like thousands of domain names and much of what we launch is done on names we registered more than a year ago.

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