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Netscape, my Netscape

June 16, 2006 @ 9:18am

Well, Secret Project X is no longer a secret and for the past three months I have been leading the creation of the newest, and hopefully the last, Right now it's in beta, but in about two weeks it will be what you see when you visit

It wasn't a secret within AOL that I was the chief architect of Netscape, but some of my close friends have had no idea — even people who knew Jason was the new general manager of Netscape. One of them was exchanging email with me about some business we have brewing and when I mentioned that I had been up late getting Netscape out the door he wrote back: "did you work on netscape too? if so, congrats!"

I sarcastically asked, "Are you telling me that the part where I lead the Netscape dev team didn't come across so well in all the articles about Jason's new Netscape and how he sold his company to AOL last year? Weird."

It's crazy that someone who is in weekly contact with Jason and has worked with both of us over the last couple of years is unaware that I'm the guy who built Jason's latest web product.

That's going to change.

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