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Yankee Rose

June 16, 2006 @ 3:27am

Tonight I am having dinner with one of my favorite developers, Alex. We are rarely in the same town, so it should be fun.

If I had more advance notice, I could have gone to the Nationals/Yankees game with one of my favorite AOL guys. I was at a Yankees game a week ago tonight and it had a fierce rain delay and we had to leave early and take the kids home.

It was wild. Halfway through the game my mom called from Jones Beach. I had given her tickets to see Blondie and the New Cars and she told me it had rained through all but the last two of songs of Blondie's set. She asked if we had any rain at the game and I said no. Seconds after she hung up it started to pour. Nice.

Speaking of concerts, I had heard that David Lee Roth was touring with a bluegrass band and was doing some of his old songs with new arrangements, sort of Vegas-style. When he talked about it in an interview it sounded somewhat interesting, but when I saw a link to the YouTube video of his band doing Jump a few days back I was blown away.

Maybe if I share it with you I can stop seeing it replay when I close my eyes. Him waving at the band members, grinning, snapping his poor eyes!

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