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Domain outage

June 18, 2006 @ 5:53am

My blog had an outage yesterday. For about 12 hours it was pointing to an GoDaddy page that screamed "This guy didn't renew his domain, so here are a ton of links to our products."

Now of course it's my fault. I use one mail account for domain renewals since I've had it forever and it's at a major company and I'll never get rid of it, but I only use it for domains so I don't check it often enough. So 5 days after expiration, showing a "this domain is parked at GoDaddy" page is fair. But when I renewed it in the morning, the site never kicked back in like it has done in the past when I've done emergency renewals on Weblogs, Inc. blogs.

I wrote them to make sure it was kicking back on. No reply. I finally called and they told me that in order to put up that parked at GoDaddy page they needed to reset my domain name servers and that they don't set them back to what I had been using anymore.

I guess someone figured out that not having the renewal automatically kick people back to people's sites meant a few more hours of exposure for that stupid GoDaddy page. Pretty suspect behavior, since it wasn't always working like that.

Welcome back,

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