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CodeJam quotes

June 19, 2006 @ 11:41pm

There were no good quotes from our CodeJam in White Plains in early June. We were working on Netscape and we got too much done.

Our L.A. CodeJam in March that was mentioned in The New York Times was roundly voted our least productive CodeJam ever by our team. It wasn't just that everyone was from the east coast and we all lost a day heading to the west coast to kick it off or that Jason was in town for that one. We had some conflicts to resolve and the team that began the week leading Netscape development was not the team that ended the week leading it. We effectively rebooted the whole project twice at the Viceroy and we have a fantastic product to show for it because of some tough decisions and it all gelled and accelerated when we got home from L.A.

The L.A. CodeJam did give us the line "It's like a sausage party in my mouth."

Ah, the Viceroy breakfast. Not exactly a Dune breakfast or a McGriddle, but it was good.

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