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Netscape intelligence

June 28, 2006 @ 1:27am

I got some feedback from someone who was trying to post a story to Netscape that was already in the system. The system rejected the URL and it turned out she was trying to add a story that was eight days old, but had only recently seen it in her feed reader.

She thanked us for preventing her from posting old news to the site. It would have made her look like she wasn't on top of things. Neat.

My team has talked about adding something like this to Blogsmith in the past, but it's an easier thing to do in Netscape. In Netscape, every story points to a single URL and it's easy to look and see if a URL is in play already. In Blogsmith we have had subtables of multiple related links and multiple inline links within a post, so it's not so straightforward to tell if a link as been used. Also, we don't want to reject duplicate links since some are normal. We don't want to outlaw them; we just want to warn bloggers.

It's on the great Blogsmith roadmap in my head.

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