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Fast times at Netscape's hive

June 29, 2006 @ 2:14am

Since a bunch of our early Netscape members were hardcore Digg fans checking out the new social news site on the block, we got a ton of critical feedback and are launching a better product because of them. Thank you, Digg-lovers.

Because we had such a critical early audience, many of the initial stories were anti-AOL just to see if we'd hide or bury them. Nope. We stay out of the people's portal portion. The one with the 21-minute recording of the AOL customer service rep not letting a subscriber cancel his AOL account is in there. The one where Digg rules and Netscape is utter crap is in there. Surpisingly, the one about the Time Warner CFO allegedly being a sugar daddy to a Brazilian prostitute is not in there. I saw that on the front cover of the New York Post and immediately thought I'd see it rise to the top of Netscape, but I guess no one considered it anti-AOL news.

I think we already do a great job of showing that our editorial teams cover both the good and bad news about AOL and Time Warner over on Blogging Stocks:

Their post called Is AOL CEO Jon Miller full of it? And should we worry if he is? linked to a couple of harsh articles about AOL's top executive and includes one brutal comment by a supposed AOL employee about AOL CEO Jon Miller.

Of course we tracked down the account that comment was posted from and turned the contributor over to the proper authorities.

It's also funny that Gawker's Valleywag reported that Netscape is just a front for Weblogs, Inc. and Engadget stories.

Wrong. There are the two big reasons why they couldn't find links to their own material.

  1. People were spelling Gizmodo as "Gizmondo"
  2. Valleywag didn't even look!

I found this Digg comment thread on a mailing list I follow where Valleywag says he didn't do any fact-checking. Nice.

Someone on that mailing list commented, "I love it how Nick Douglas admits he's a douche bag in the comments."

But don't blame all of this on bad journalism by Valleywag. It's just way easier to spell blog names like Joystiq and Autoblog than Kockatuu and Jellopink.

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