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I'll be all right without you

June 29, 2006 @ 4:36am

With the baptism last weekend and relatives in town, we didn't make it to the Journey and Def Leppard show at Jones Beach on Saturday night. To be fair, it was also raining like crazy and you can't give away tickets to a Jones Beach show when it's raining like that.

Mike Propst told me that Journey's replacement lead singer is amazing. I had read a while back that Steve Perry left the band a long time ago for health reasons and I was looking forward to seeing Journey this summer. Maybe next year if they come back through. I had already seen half of Journey with their band Bad English years ago and I've seen Def Leppard four times if you count the four songs they did at Live 8. I work at AOL, so I think I have to count Live 8.

I was so happy that I'd get to use the title "I'll be all right without you" to mean that the band is doing fine without Steve Perry, but instead it just means that I'm okay with missing that show.

What a versatile title. I guess that makes it versatitle.

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