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1010 LOSES

July 3, 2006 @ 6:36am

Yesterday I heard a story on the local 1010 WINS AM news channel about a guy who made an illegal u-turn. A police officer stopped him and saw an assault rifle in the back seat. It was loaded. The guy was arrested. I think they said this all took place in Brooklyn.

I was going to warn my readers to be extra careful about obeying traffic laws if you're already doing something illegal like carrying a loaded assault rifle or bootlegging moonshine, but I can't find this story anywhere online to give you all a proper link.

I went to the 1010 WINS site and saw all of other stories I had heard on the radio, but not this one. I did some Google News searches on "rifle illegal u-turn" and could only find stories from years ago and ones that sounded like urban legends.

Maybe they picked up the story and then found out it was fake?

Maybe I dreamed the whole thing? I hope not because I was watching the kids at the time.

Maybe it just takes a long time for a breaking news story on the radio to make its way to the Internet?

UPDATE: It was door number three. Thanks, Niki. The story ran on their radio station nearly 20 hours before it appeared on their web site. I guess I can save my conspiracy theories for Netscape.

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