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Bob Parsons on domain kiting

July 4, 2006 @ 8:10am

Bob Parsons is a fun guy. In 2003 when I was done with my live Meet The Makers shows I did a bunch of online interviews which included the GoDaddy owner, but they're no longer available online. I turned off the Meet The Makers site during the Weblogs, Inc. startup days. Along with Frankensite, Blue Canary and Blogstakes it didn't make sense to keep stale sites live and I wasn't looking to get hired somewhere or to do more events or to run blog contests, so I shut them down. The interviews will get archived on my blog this summer, so you'll see what Bob Parsons and I chatted about if you didn't back then.

If you don't count the posts and RSS feeds on Meet The Makers or Blogstakes in 2003 as blogging, then I've been blogging since January of 2004 and Bob has been blogging since December of 2004. In March he added an internet radio show that also appears on both Sirius and XM satellite radio.

If you read his blog, you'll figure out that he loves America, he loves our armed forces and he loves his company GoDaddy. He also hates anything that messes up his industry: domain name registrations. The latest threat to his industry is domain kiting. Like check kiting, which takes advantage of delays in determining whether money is available on deposited checks and allows for the creation of phantom temporary money, domain kiting involves registering domains with no intention of paying for them, using them, un-registering them before the 5-day grace period ends and then registering them again. The trouble is that this is done with millions of domains every month and it happens more often at some registrars than at others. Here are bob's first, second and third posts on domain kiting.

Now I know why it's so tough to come up with a good domain name anymore. I'd like to see them send the GoDaddy girl from those Super Bowl commercials in there to crack some heads and get this thing resolved once and for all.

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