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Reader questions

July 7, 2006 @ 4:03am

I did a post about transparency in my blogging and ended it by asking you to ask me questions. I got a few questions in the comments and a bunch more in email. Thanks!

I sent email replies to the ones that came in via email. Here are the questions from the comments:

Alex: So many questions...what part of Netscape does your work focus on?

I'm the chief architect of the new Netscape social news site. My development team built everything you see there and a whole lot of things you haven't seen yet. We don't run the Netscape low cost dial-up ISP and we don't have anything to do with the browser...yet.

Joel A: What do you do on your "off" time (i.e., when relaxing)?

There has been no down time with the Netscape launch, with moving TMZ into my blogging platform, with all of the Weblogs, Inc. and Blogsmith business going on and with everyone I've ever worked with in the past wanting to start a company with me.

Knowing that this insanity was all coming up, we went to Cape Cod for a week in May and the highlights for me were swimming with my family, eating lots of seafood and reading comics with my 3-year-old son. It was cold and rainy -- too early in the season to vacation there -- but we made the best of it and it did the trick. Niki was online more than I was and that's a pretty good indicator of a successful vacation. That trip might be the only vacation where she was online more than I was. Over the July 4 weekend, I stayed off of IM. That seems to help.

I'd like to read more when the workload dies down -- books more than comics, but maybe both -- and I'd like to hang out more with my sons. Niki and I are seeing a bunch of concerts at Jones Beach this summer. We used to go to Jones Beach five or six times every summer before we had kids, so we're doing that in overdrive this year, giving ourselves a bunch of scheduled date nights.

I don't play video games and I don't go to movies. Seeing a movie in a theater was rare for me before we had kids; now it's an endangered species.

I figure I'll catch up on video games and movies when my kids are in college. That way I can skip over buying all of these different game consoles and movie disc formats.

My favorite color is black behind glass and my favorite web site is

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