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Gavin and Alex

July 8, 2006 @ 8:39am

I've been inadvertantly favoring Alex for a long time now. It has been a bunch of little things like a MacBook Pro and health insurance and Gavin has been toughing it out on the startup side. I think he thinks I got AOL to give Alex a new car and a great big boat. Not true. Just a laptop and a small boat.

Next week I'm working on sending some of the love Gavin's way again.

That reminds me of when I had Gavin and Alex in town for our last CodeJam. Alex was busy leading the Netscape development team so I was working with Gavin on some Blogsmith photo gallery code. We hit a stopping point and I wanted to just chill and watch some sports, but the only thing on ESPN was lacrosse and Gavin is lacrosse intolerant.

So we went back to working on Blogsmith.

You just can't fight nature.

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