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Green Vibrance

July 9, 2006 @ 9:52am

I decided to try some of that miracle green powder that Jason talked about.

People have asked me if he has stock in that company. People have also asked me if these ex-Rocketboom star overtures are romantic since Jason's married. I explain that he's still only engaged, that these offers don't sound romantic to me and that I don't think you can purchase stock in the company that makes Green Vibrance. Seriously, ask him this stuff yourself.

Honestly, I got email from people asking why he calls her "baby" when he says "You're a star baby". No one asked me if he was interested in dating Ze Frank. Good grief.

Anyway, I can't report that Green Vibrance is giving me a ton of magical energy because I've also been cutting back on my Diet Coke consumption after it flared out of control during the months leading up to our Netscape launch. So I'm just pretending it's like taking an anti-cancer pill.

Of course it's not a pill. It's a gritty green powder that you mix in with juice or water.

And since it's All Comics Day, here's the tie-in: With each sip of this stuff, I have more and more empathy for Swamp Thing's high school girlfriend.

Happy now?

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