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Superman Returns review

July 8, 2006 @ 11:01pm

I liked it. You know where it sits on my all-time comic superhero movies list already.

My good friend Glenn said Parker Posey and Kate Bosworth should have traded roles, but I don't agree. I liked Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane and I wasn't a giant Margot Kidder fan. If you want to have both a Christopher Reeve look-alike and someone who can continue Margot Kidder's Lois Lane, then sure, use Parker Posey. But I'm not looking for that. Maybe he is.

The special effects were great. The dark red cape and "S" were way better than the primary color red costume in the first four Superman movies.

Knowing it was a sequel to Superman II and that Superman and Superman II were practically one long movie, the whole thing made sense to me.

Kevin Spacey was a great movie Lex Luthor, but no one can compare with what Michael Rosenbaum does as Lex Luthor on Smallville.

Mostly I'm thankful that the comic industry insiders I hang out with were careful to not spoil any of it for me. It would have sucked to sit there and watch it if I had known all the surprises.

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