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Auditioning for TMZ

July 27, 2006 @ 9:33am

I spend a lot of time on TMZ these days. Not because I'm a gossip or celebrity junkie, but because they use my blogging platform and they rarely do anything the easy way. My team has added a ton of features for them and there are more to come.

Reading stories like Lance Bass Out of the Closet all day long makes me want to guest blog on TMZ. They're missing all of the low hanging fruit. Why not remind people that Lance always wanted to be the first boy band member on the moon? There's a joke in there somewhere; I just know it. Why not make fun of his last name, Bass? Or his first name, Lance? Good grief. Maybe I can audition for Gawker?

I wasn't completely surprised, though. I had my suspicions, but I always thought he was bi bi bi.

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