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Workin' on mysteries without any clues

September 8, 2006 @ 10:20pm

Workin' on our blog moves.

Today I got Hack A Day moved into the modern version of Blogsmith. A few weeks back I moved Blog Maverick. They were both living in the original Blogsmith CMS and there had been two giant platform advances since then, one to a better ASP version and one to PHP and Linux.

If you're wondering why the feeds all reloaded, it's because the URLs all changed from the kind my first system made since it was created three years ago -- -- to the more human-friendly ones we've been using since last December on the Weblogs, Inc. blogs that moved to AOL -- The cool thing is that I did redirects for all of the old URLs so the new ones work. The not so cool thing is that because posts in the RSS feeds use their URLs as their GUIDs the feeds are reloading as if all the posts had never been seen before.

I have a few small things to add to the site, but this is a great stress reliever. There are a few more old Windows web servers that I can safely shut off now.

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