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The New Engadget

September 18, 2006 @ 7:55am

Engadget, the most popular and well-respected blog in the history of the universe according to Technorati, just got an upgrade.

It has a fluid layout -- taking up more room if you have a wide screen, but not too much if you have a 30" monitor. They have large photos which expand and shrink based on your browser window size.

There is a big overhaul to the comments system, which will be making its way to other blogs using Blogsmith soon. You can vote comments up and down and report bad commenters. If you use the password we give you, there's no more confirmation email every time you comment. You can reply to someone else's comment -- one level of threading. You can choose to get emailed when people reply to your comments or you can follow the comments in RSS.

It has sections for breaking news headlines (with thumbnails), features and a section of Engadget Mobile headlines.

I've seen some speculation about the new comments system -- that it's borrowed code from the new Netscape we built. Close, but not exactly. It's the same people and similar code, but it's all Blogsmith.

As they said on the site there's more to come, but that's what we packed in for today.

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