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October 9, 2006 @ 3:15am

I got an alert from Rafat Ali's fantastic earlier today which informed me Google had finally lost its mind. Well they didn't use those words exactly, but obviously the pressure has gotten to them. Jason's Netscape Video, built by the talented Mr. Khouri, must have really lit a fire under Google's video team and they panicked.

Just a few days ago the hosted video landscape -- I may be wrong here -- looked like this:
  1. YouTube
  2. Netscape Video
  3. AOL Uncut
  4. Google Video
Today, it looks like this:
  1. Google + YouTube
  2. Netscape Video
  3. AOL Uncut
Nice move Google. I'm curious to see what Jason and C.K. do as a counter-move. Maybe Netscape adds auctions or an Office killer.

When I first heard about the deal talks I thought the same thing everyone else did: who would want to pay a premium for another Napster just to get sued into obvlivion a month later? After the deal I thought that if I owned a bunch of Google shares, I'd be steamed right now to see my money get used for this insane deal -- fearing that my shares would quickly drop 20%. Now I'm thinking that someone at Google must know something about YouTube that I don't.

Maybe they have a cure for cancer or recipe for cold fusion along with video syndication in there somewhere. We'll see.

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