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Measuring success

October 20, 2006 @ 11:13pm

I gave a short presentation recently on Weblogs -- our publishing company that AOL owns -- and Blogsmith -- my blogging platform that Weblogs and some non-Weblogs blogs run on. I was supposed to shed some light on our metrics for success.

The best metric I see is how many times a day I blog. If I'm not blogging at all, then too many things must be waiting on me and I'm probably a bottleneck. If I have time to blog, then things are probably more distributed and running more smoothly.

Of course, once I have gotten everyone to buy into that metric I can fake it: write a bunch of posts when things aren't going well to cover it all up.

Hmm...that is so not a use of blogging to be transparent.

Unless they read this one first.


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