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The Whale Client

October 21, 2006 @ 10:11pm

I've been at AOL almost a year and for the first few months I kept hearing them talk about "the whale client". I understood that they were talking about the AOL client software and figured it must have been named that because it used up all of your RAM and took over your PC.

Then I found out that they just used "whale" as a way to pronounce "WAOL", the name of the AOL client Windows executable, waol.exe.

Too bad.

Along those lines, I've been having trouble with the big AIM client, Triton. It might not be Triton's fault, but I keep a bunch of Windows remote desktop sessions open and when I run them with AIM Triton my screen redrawing goes out of whack. While I'm in an IM window I start seeing through to things happening on minimized remote screens. It's like that episode of Smallville where Clark's x-ray vision kicks in, except instead of seeing Kristin Kreuk in her underwear I'm seeing command line windows and progress bars.

So I looked up "AIM Lite" and Jason's blog was the third result. Nice. I've been using it for a few days now and I love it. It has logging and my whole buddy list is there. The only thing it doesn't seem capable of is group chat. It's a great start.

In the future though, please try to keep your product name connections meaningful. AIM Triton should be the son of AIM Poseidon, the god who rules the sea where the AOL Whale Client lives. There is no good reason why these things can't fit into a good AOL mythology.


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