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Serious letter. You require to read.

October 23, 2006 @ 6:00am

Running a mail server for hundreds of Weblogs domains and a dozen of my own, I see a ton of spam. I'll be trying out a new spam-defeating system that an old friend has cooked up soon, but until then it all makes its way to either my inbox or, if I'm lucky, my Outlook Junk E-mail folder.

Spam subject lines seem to go through phases. For a while it seemed every message was about adding inches or getting thinner. Yesterday and today I've seen a ton of mail promoting some stocks that are about to go through the roof. They have been titled things like:
Of course I had to open at least one to see what they were offering: access to porn; viagra; hoodia; no-strings hookups; Canadian medications; low cost OEM software or all of the above.

The great prognosis are drawn up. The increase is up to 70% last time.
[stock symbol removed so you don't get to it before I do] is the profitable deal and those who knows it is making money.
The drilling results of this highly capable oil company exceeded all its expectations.
Once this data hits the road there will be no stopping this one.
nowadays it's approximately 0.022 but we are waiting it to triple.
Once the news is made and the PR gets into full swing.
Don't lose moment and miss out. We recommend you to buy today.
The key is getting in early and you have little time. They say that Monday is the day it will shoot. Take your place
before that happens.

E*TRADE, here I come.

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