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Dark Nasty Something

October 25, 2006 @ 3:29am

In case you were worrying about it, Celly and I solved that DNS problem. It turns out that a zone file on a Windows 2000 DNS server might work differently than the same zone file running on a Windows 2003 DNS server. Brilliant.

Then a server migration of ours was held up this morning -- wasting the time of everyone on our 4:30am conference call -- because of, you guessed it, another DNS issue. That one was outside our direct control.

Why are we running DNS on Windows when the rest of the platform has moved to Linux? I was hoping you had already forgotten that I mentioned it. [But that was earlier in this same post, right? -- Ed.]

Well, we started moving it out a long time ago and we're not done yet. Some day we will be done and then we can start thinking about moving our mail server over.

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