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I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for some content today

October 25, 2006 @ 7:51am

Congratulations to on their redesign and relaunch. I've mentioned elsewhere that there would have been no Weblogs, Inc. without us having known Rafat and watched what he was doing as a blogger, but it deserves to be mentioned here too.

His redesign team was Greg Storey's Airbag Industries crew and even if Rafat hadn't mentioned it himself, I just know you would have figured it out from the style on the Current Headlines and Recent Comments boxes. They look very Airbaggy. Nice.

I am worried about their permalink URL structure though. Everything is /entry/headline/ like /entry/amazon-wins-new-friends/.

What if Amazon wins more new friends or Google buys another YouTube?

You might want to re-examine that permalink decision before it's too late.

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