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Penny for your stocks?

October 25, 2006 @ 1:14am

I get to see all of the Blogging Stocks tips and one of the more popular requests is "Why don't you cover [some cheap scam stock]?" They are almost always spammers trying to get some ink for the stocks they're trying to promote. Okay, maybe not ink, more like pixels.

Anyway, after my post yesterday about penny stock spam, Celly turned me on to this little gem: Spam Stock Tracker.

A guy decided to see what would happen if he purchased 1000 shares of every stock symbol he was spammed with. So far his total losses are $54,321.00, but there's a flaw in his assumptions. Actually investing money in a stock will change the value at least a little bit. The same way that the act of measuring something on a quantum scale affects the measurement results themselves -- like the introduction of a thermometer can change the temperature of the thing it's measuring, you'd think out of all kinds of stocks that penny stocks would be the most influenced by a 1000 share purchase.

So maybe if he had actually purchased some of these he would have only lost $30,000. We'll never know.

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