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The big O

October 28, 2006 @ 11:18pm

And by that, I mean Orlando. Get your minds out of the gutter.

Niki was living in Orlando when we were dating, so it's like a second home for us. We finally had our first developer trip in Orlando after one in LA and 6 or 7 in White Plains and it was great. If we ever got sick of our new house and great schools and the other kids' parents, we'll move to Orlando.

Which reminds me that there are two things that Weblogs did that were special and attractive to AOL. The first is more obvious: we built a low-cost content machine. The second is less obvious: we built a successful virtual company. No offices. Everyone works from home and we only use offices when we need to.

This puts some strains on us editorially and development-wise. On the blogging side, it's easier. Four bloggers can write for an Apple blog and coordinate posting and have little overlap. TV bloggers can simply cover different shows. But it's a little more difficult to get programmers who are working on the same files to work together. I mean, versioning software helps (if you use it, Gavin), but there's a lot of white boarding and face-time needed to get your thoughts across to you team members.

I might go into how we solved a lot of that in the future, but I was really proud of how we did this all with no two team members in the same city. Until recently, my Blogsmith and Weblogs development teams had members in Westchester, Orlando, NJ, Long Island, Detroit and DC. After we added Celly, we had two guys in Orlando and I could still sort of claim that we pretty much had no two guys in the same city. Now that Alex has moved back to Orlando -- and is living with Gavin -- I give up.

We now officially have an Orlando-based development team, with a couple of guys working remotely.

Until we all move in with Gavin. It's inescapable, like gravity.

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