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All aboard

November 5, 2006 @ 10:21pm

I read an article about a guy who created a site where you could create fake Northwest Airlines boarding passes. They were real enough to get you past security and all the way to the gate, but not on the actual flight.

The site was created by Christopher Soghoian, a computer security student at Indiana University, to bring attention to an airport security weakness. His site was shut down and the FBI searched his home.

Towards the end of the article Soghoian says, "I have not flown, or even attempted to enter the airport with one of these fake boarding passes. I haven't even printed one out. All I have done is create a PHP script which highlights a security hole made public by others before me."

I predict that by the end of this week the Senate will be calling for the removal of all PHP scripts from the Internets and all Internet-related tubes. I'm feeling safer already!

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