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Come fly with me

November 6, 2006 @ 6:52am

In honor of my trip to San Francisco, I'll be posting a couple of times today on airlines and flying. I'll schedule them in advance so they appear while I'm traveling and give you the illusion that I am at my desk, blogging diligently. I might even set up Outlook on a server at home and schedule some emails for future delivery to a couple of mailing lists. Or I can do that with some kind of web script or cron job. Fascinating.

If I just go silent for a day, my teams are going to think I've given up and it's like a Monday at their old jobs. There would be total chaos. TMZ would stop working. Engadget might only put up 20 posts. Just thinking about it I need some Advil.

You did know I was traveling, right? I mentioned it once or twice this weekend.

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