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Too much Valley and not enough wag

November 9, 2006 @ 5:35am

The deepest coverage of the Web 2.0 Summit isn't by Forbes, it's by Valleywag. Maybe it's not the deepest, but it is the most colorful.

I heard from several people yesterday afternoon that Valleywag broke the news of AOL buying Blogsmith. I didn't know if it was a friendly post or a mean one so I didn't know whether to thank the little bearded guy who runs Valleywag or curse him. I expected to read that "entrepreneur Calacanis sold another company to AOL," but they had a different spin on the deal. I still think they should have worked in that thing where I own Web 2.0 Summit host John Battelle's domain name.

One correction: Blogsmith has always been a separate company. So Weblogs, Inc. didn't sell anything to AOL, Blogsmith did. AOL acquired Weblogs over a year ago. It would be odd if Weblogs sold them something new today.

Wag on.

[More information on Blogsmith and AOL is here.]

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