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Take a chance on me

November 12, 2006 @ 8:24am

So we know when Gavin started working with me. 1-800-Flowers shows up at my door every year to remind me in case I forgot.

I remember when Alex started working with me and it's nice to know that he does too. We were doing our giant blogger gathering called WINstock last year at the beginning of November and it was his first weekend on the job. What other job besides priesthood starts someone on a weekend?

"You gave notice? Great. When's your last day? Friday? Great. Get on a plane Friday evening. You start with us doing an overnight Friday night and we're presenting our new platform to everyone on Saturday morning. Travel safely. Don't forget your laptop!"

Alex does a nice job summing up his first year of working with me on Blogsmith and Netscape. In that photo, he's not trying to solve a technical problem. He's wondering what he's gotten himself into and if he'll ever sleep again.

I'm not exactly sure when Mike started working with me. We must be coming up on two years soon. That kid was a catch. A visit to Mike's blog shows it recently got a design upgrade. I guess he was inspired by his time off in London.

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