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I know you're not supposed to do this where you eat

December 11, 2006 @ 11:52pm

I took the boys shopping last night while Niki made dinner. As we turned a corner by the vegetables, I glanced over into the flowers section in the front corner of the store. The floor was a different color than the light grey tiles where I was standing. It was a marbled brown and white, sort of like melted rocky road ice cream. I did a double take when I noticed that it was moving towards us. It was a sewage backup. It was huge and then the smell hit me.

We headed to the checkout counter. The items we had were from other sections of the store and were in airtight containers (like milk and Diet Coke). The cashier was complaining about the smell and said that they were working on some plumbing problems. I told her it was oozing from the flowers section and heading towards the fruit and vegetable aisles. At this point the whole store smelled like a dirty bathroom.

Getting back into our car, we saw two guys working in a manhole in front of the store. I told Niki about the incident and with all of the E. coli and Taco Bell stories there's no way we're shopping there again. It will be weeks before the possibly contaminated food has cycled out and the whole place is cleaned and new food is in.

One of my AOL co-worker bloggers shared a link to a post about business ethics over the weekend and I couldn't help but relate it to this grocery store's situation.

Are they going to close the store down for a giant cleanup or are they just going to mop that section, spray some deodorant and continue accepting shoppers without interruption?

Will they dispose of thousands of dollars' worth of produce and deli meat or just take the risk of getting a couple of random customers sick?

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