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Resolutions, this one

December 31, 2006 @ 4:42am

Last year I resolved to spend more time with my family, blog more and see Ben Folds again.

I've definitely spent more time with my family. That really increased in November and December.

I have definitely blogged more. I wrote 258 posts in 2006 versus 54 in 2005.

I did not see Ben Folds, but I did catch some Foo Fighters shows. Maybe in 2007, eh Ben? Yeah, I miss you too.

Next year? Well, I can only think of one thing right now: I resolve to continue not participating in the "five things you don't know about me" insanity, no matter how many people tag me.

Of course I can think of five things that most people reading my blog don't know about me, but there's a good reason why you don't know them. I don't want you to know them. Good grief!

Happy new year, everyone!

PS -- I'm not stuck in a title rut. I'm just constantly reminded of how happy I am to know Mike.

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