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Hedge fun

January 1, 2007 @ 8:20am

We liked the first Ice Age movie so we decided to get Ice Age 2 on the hotel's pay-per-view system during our Thanksgiving trip. Somehow we ordered Over the Hedge by mistake. It was great.

I hadn't heard too much about the movie so I figured maybe it wasn't very successful, but I was wrong. It has made more than $240 million.

I also didn't know that it was based on a daily comic strip called, surprisingly, Over the Hedge. How did I miss that?

It even had a Ben Folds soundtrack including an alternate version of Rockin' the Suburbs with more kid-friendly lyrics. I would definitely watch that movie again.

Later in our trip we successfully ordered Ice Age 2 and it wasn't as good as the first Ice Age movie or Over the Hedge.

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