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CodeJams, jazz and collectives

January 15, 2007 @ 9:58pm

I saw a nice article comparing jazz to business in USA Today when we were away and I didn't get to finish it so I hunted for it online. Fortunately, USA Today's search didn't suck. A search on "jazz Marsalis" pulled it up as item number one.

Marsalis compares teamwork and trust in a band of jazz players to a well-coordinated squad of workplace professionals who have respect for each others' talents:

"When you listen to great jazz musicians, you hear the respect they have for each other's abilities. During a performance, most of the musicians' time is spent listening to others. You see the trust they have for each other because they are always making adjustments and improvising based on what someone else does. I think (drummer) Elvin Jones articulated it best when he said, 'In order to play with somebody on a profound level, you have to be willing to die with them.' You might not like your colleagues that much, but that is jazz and that is feeling."

It reminded me of why our team works so well together and why the term "CodeJam" fits so well.

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