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Always better to give

January 18, 2007 @ 2:49am

Way back in mid-December Celly was telling me about how he couldn't find a Wii to buy for his girlfriend:

Celly: She'll just have to settle for the Latin Tickle Me Elmo extreme I got her
Celly: el Elmo Extremo
Brian: ;-)
Brian: or the one that goes fishing and catches real fish
Brian: Tackle Me Elmo
Celly: wow
Celly: nice
Celly: well played
Brian: heh, thank you
Celly: (im pause while brian tells Niki)
Brian: hah, she and the boys are zonked
Brian: I can only tell the dogs
Brian: they loved it, btw
Celly: figures
Celly: keep this window open so you can get the wording perfectly
Brian: hahaha
Brian: I have the chat logs
Celly: Good good
Celly: ;)

Days later when he stumbled across Elmo's "Fishing for Letters" toy, he had to get it for me for Christmas.

Very cool. Thanks!

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