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Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears t-shirts

February 6, 2007 @ 4:07am

I just saw a great little ABC News video on Yahoo about how Rebook makes two sets of championship gear -- more than 250 "winner" hats and shirts for each team. Of course that's how they can hand Peyton his Super Bowl champion hat immediately after the game ends, with no last-minute sewing delay. But where does the losing team's championship gear go?

Most likely it goes to a place like Uganda. A company called World Vision in Pittsburgh has a deal with the NFL to ship it to needy countries. They don't want the losing team's merchandise to go into the marketplace here, but somewhere in Africa people will be running around wearing Chicago Bears Super Bowl XLI Champion shirts and hats.

The downside for them is that the U.S. will continue its domination of Africa in Trivial Pursuit's Sports & Leisure category.

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