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Put your records on

February 28, 2007 @ 5:14am

Nice job, Dallas, on winning all your February games -- sweeping an entire month for the first time in franchise history. Oh yeah, and you held Minnesota to 65 total points -- another club record. Sweet.

But the record I was keeping an eye on was riding on the team with the NBA's second best record, Phoenix. They had only two games remaining against Eastern Conference teams this year and if they won them, they would be the first team in NBA history to win every single game against teams from their opposing conference. Wow.

So we went to dinner at a Greek restaurant Jack picked and I checked out the game on our way in. Phoenix was losing by about 15 points to Indiana. When I got a chance to see the score again, Phoenix was leading by 11 with 40 seconds to go. Unreal.

Their final Eastern Conference game this season is at Philadelphia on Wednesday night.

Of course you could argue that the record should have an asterisk next to it since it was against the 2006-2007 Eastern Conference.

Update: The Suns lost to the Sixers, the team with the third worst record in the NBA. The Sixers knew they were the only team standing in the Suns' way, so they actually showed up and played.

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