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Son of a Twitter

April 4, 2007 @ 5:08am

My dad and I were discussing how some friends of mine keep asking when Weblogs will be doing a knitting blog. He wrote me and offered it as one of his suggestions for my next wave of Twitter publications:

It would have to be KnitterTwitter
Pets -- CritterTwitter (say that five times really fast)
Fans of Conway Twitty -- TwittyTwit
Fans of Tweety Pie -- TweetyTwit
Fans of Yosemite Sam - VarminTwit
Fans of Kevin Federline -- don't bother, there are no fans of Kevin Federline

Nice to see my dad getting in on the joke.

I should probably stop blogging about Twitter for a while so I don't get typecast as "that guy who blogs about Twitter".

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