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You can't spell "Social Media" without S and M

May 1, 2007 @ 4:51am

EconSM was a great event, chock full of industry personalities. Now that a few days have passed and I've had the chance to soak it all in, here's how my conversations at EconSM should have gone:

Me to Shawn Gold, SVP, MySpace: "Isn't it depressing to work at the most popular web site on Earth? There's nowhere to go but down! Doesn't it kill you to know that you could have been spending an unforgettable year and a half with me at AOL instead?"

Me to Steve Gillmor, podcaster and friend of gestures: "I'd have to say that my favorite Gillmor Gang episode was the one where Luke and Lorelai had that crazy misunderstanding because she was talking too fast and then she ended up getting drunk and sleeping with Christopher again. Man, I loved that show! When are you bringing it back?"

Me to Jason Hirschhorn, President, Entertainment Group, Sling Media: "Reckon you make me some biscuits. I like them French fried potaters. I was thinkin', I'm gonna take me some of these taters home with me. Reckon I'll have me some of the big 'uns."

Me to Staci Kramer, Executive Editor, "I have a hot tip for you. I just overheard someone at lunch telling the guy next to me that Joost has hired Jose Canseco to be their celebrity spokesperson."

Me to Tina Sharkey, Chairman, BabyCenter: "Thank you so much for taking Judith off of our hands. I mean, AOL invented community. Having Judith around was redundant."

When Carson Daly walked into the mixer: "Uh oh. Drink up everyone -- it's last call!"

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