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Darth Vader on Twitter

May 14, 2007 @ 4:54am

He's not a teenage girl, but he still makes for some entertaining Twitter moments.

Of course Darth Vader has more followers than friends -- he rules by fear!

There are two basic styles of leadership and they can be explained by example.

The first example is Darth Vader and he leads using intimidation and fear. The minute one of his underlings gets a chance to escape from him, that guy is in an escape pod on his way to the nearest planet's surface. Intimidation and fear are powerful short term motivators, but they burn people out and they don't have as much effect when that leader isn't around to dish out punishment.

The second example is Captain America and he leads by example and charisma. Even when Captain America is not around, people still want to do things the way he would do them and live up to his values.

Maybe that's why I wear my tie-dyed Smithsonian American flag t-shirt to our CodeJams. It looks like Captain America's costume and reminds me that I shouldn't choke a designer into unconsciousness when he brings me a sub-par logo.

Anyway, bad guys are always more entertaining and who would want to read Captain America's Twitter page?

Plus I am a Star Wars expert, so I'm loving the Darth Vader Twitter stream, which is full of gems like these:
Party on, Darth!

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