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May 23, 2007 @ 5:32am

You know I love names and branding. So of course my favorite post so far on Gawker's new chick chic blog Jezebel is the one where they defend their naming choice.

After a tasteful photo of their managing editor, they explain their take on the name and recount other peoples' perceptions of Jezebel. The naming choice love fest continues in the comments and my favorite one is from Stick It In Your Eye: "I dunno, when I think of Jezebel suddenly I'm seventeen and sullen, burning incense and listening to 10,000 Maniacs with a fountain pen and a rasor blade... 'I'm a shadow, I'm only a bed of blackened coal. I call myself Jezebel for wanting to leave.' *weep*" Priceless.

Stick It appears to be going for a frequent commenter record on Jezebel, with most of them even being appropriate and funny, and runs her own mostly-poetry blog.

A later comment asks if Gawker considered the racial connotations of the name Jezebel as a "sexually insatiable and predatory black woman." I hadn't.

A comment by Hez adds: "And from blogger to blogger, thanks for giving the whole nomenclature of vixenry a big swerve. I don't yet know how to carve a bar of soap into a shiv, but I can be a quick study, given the proper motivation."

Wow, is still available. I like that one. Is it too late to rethink that whole Jezebel thing?

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