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Passively aggregating Jason

June 5, 2007 @ 12:01pm

I'm not subscribed to Jason's RSS feed and I don't watch Jason's Twitter stream, but I usually have a good idea of what Jason is doing without having to actively follow him.

Sometimes I'll see a batch of comments from obvious Calacanis fanboys come through (we get email alerts as comments are submitted) and I'll know that Jason linked to a post of mine. It must be the exact same sense of dread that a TV Squad blogger feels when one of their posts gets picked up by AOL's Welcome Screen and the ALL CAPS comments start flooding in.

It has been that way with Mahalo. One of his investors started asking me questions about Mahalo a few months back and I had to explain that I wasn't involved with Mahalo at all. It was awkward.

I've also had people congratulate me on the Mahalo launch -- which I wasn't involved with at all -- and be shocked that I had something to do with Netscape last year -- where I was the chief architect!

My PR department is letting me down big time.

I spent the last three days offline and when I checked my inbox today I could tell that Mahalo either had speed problems or an outage while I was away because I got some advice about scaling and CSS optimization.

So I checked out Jason's blog, caught up on the JFK terror plot and saw that he tagged his optimization post with "BrianAlveyHelpMe".

Cute. Now it all makes sense.

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