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A fireball's chance in hell

June 11, 2007 @ 1:09pm

Under the title "More Ice Water for People in Hell", Daring Fireball points me to Mary Jo Foley's All About Microsoft blog where she reports that Apple might be porting their Safari browser to Windows.

Adobe's Apollo runtime, now known as Air, already contains Safari's WebKit/KHTML rendering engine and it runs on Windows, so it's not a stretch technically, but I couldn't recommend Safari to people who work on my platforms until they get WYSIWYG editing commands working.

Dave Hyatt told me in April of 2004 that adding WYSIWYG support was high on their list of developer priorities. I know they added some kind of limited beta support, but none of the major JavaScript-based editors run on Safari yet.

The biggest advantage of Safari on the Mac is that it has tight integration with the Mac OS. How could Safari be useful on Windows compared to Firefox?

Maybe if they forced you to switch to Safari to use iTunes and iPhones they'd go from 5% market share to 15%.

Since I began writing this post this morning, Engadget covered the WWDC keynote from Steve Jobs where he announced that Safari was now available for Windows and showed off some speed tests and how it's twice as fast as IE7. I'm not sure if that's enough to make people switch. I think people would switch to a whole new OS before they'd switch to Safari on Windows.

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