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The Sopranos Movie

June 11, 2007 @ 9:11am

Warning: this post contains spoilers about last night's series finale, but probably very few spoilers about the possible Sopranos movie.

Like many people, I watched the first half of the Cavs/Spurs game and could tell how it was going to end. So Niki and I switched to the Sopranos -- both were being TiVoed -- to see how that series was going to end.

Phil Leotardo's demise was a highlight -- a gory de-capo-tation. Other than that, it was just another hour of great character study and a video version of that Annie Leibovitz Sopranos photo tableau where you see lots of little clues and try to guess what happens in the upcoming season.

I loved the denial that was stronger than ever in recent episodes -- from Carmela's disbelief that all of these mob hits and arrests weren't behind them by now to Meadow wanting to help defend the innocent Italians like her dad who keep getting unfairly targeted by the FBI.

I loved when Phil's captain Butchie was talking to Phil on his cell phone and he wandered too far from the tiny strip of blocks that make up Little Italy these days. He was disgusted to look around and see that he was surrounded by Chinatown.

I loved how Janice thought that she had put all of that mom stuff behind her with therapy, and then immediately said something like "not that anyone ever gave me any credit for everything I did for them!" Pure Livia.

Over on TV Squad last night there was a long discussion about the finale and on some bulletin boards I saw some things I missed, like the female FBI agent that Agent Harris was in the hotel room with was the one that turned Adriana. Since there are seven or eight years in between seasons, you'll forgive me if I didn't recognize her immediately. I knew her back before she was a great-grandmother.

Sopranoland's forum had even more interesting takes on the ending. A lot of people say that there were at least three characters from previous seasons in the restaurant who had a reason to kill Tony. Many people think Meadow walked in to watch her family get gunned down and believe that she's the only redeemable one, so she survives. Like Tony and Bobby discussed, you never see it coming when it does happen.

But Tony has survived these things before and David Chase let the Russian escape Paulie and Christopher in the Pine Barrens and never had him return.

I think Chase was sending the creators of Lost a message.

Anyway, about that Sopranos movie. One of the comments I read said that Chase was just running the clock out on HBO, saving the real story for the movie studio that outbids all of the others, but I am sure there will be no Sopranos movie.

Some people speculate that Gandolfini will be typecast, but I am sure that he will have no trouble finding work as a non-mobster in films. In fact, he'd make a perfect Jor-El in The Return of Superman Returns IV.

If Chase and Gandolfini do run out of money and are forced to make a movie, it will either be a prequel or it will open pick up where the restaurant scene left off and Tony will be killed off in the first three minutes.

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