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Sushi dreams

June 18, 2007 @ 3:26pm

A week ago, we had sushi the night of the finale of The Sopranos. I had crazy dreams that night. One of them had a bunch of gunfire in a parking lot. In the last one I was A.J. and people were showing up at our house to either whack my dad or haul him off to jail, but like vampires they couldn't come in unless they were invited in and they kept trying to trick me into inviting them in.

Last Friday night we had sushi and the crazy dreams returned, but this time they were mafia-free. The rest of my ComicMix team was in Charlotte reporting from Heroes Con and I had to stay in NY for some meetings. I must have been missing them more than I realized, because I was at a giant comics convention in those sushi dreams.

I remember sitting through a presentation with Mike Gold and we were both heckling the presenters. They were asking about state mottoes, trying desperately to get someone in the crowd to say that New York's motto is "Excelsior!" since that was also Stan Lee's Bullpen Bulletin column sign-off phrase. No one was getting the answer right, so I blurted out "New York is the 'blow me' state!" It wasn't technically our motto, but it fits, doesn't it?

Later on I found myself in a giant room full of real-life Avengers who were about to lose their jobs. Tony Stark was downsizing since the Avengers line-up had swollen to more than a hundred full-time employee superheroes.

I was standing in line talking to two female Avengers and one of them was pregnant. I said "It's a good thing that being in The Avengers you got paid a salary and had health benefits" and she said, "Yeah, this baby costs a lot of money!" I said something like "Costs a lot? Really? I thought you were making this one from scratch" and the two of them got really angry at me, especially her friend who was wearing a large silver helmet and silver gloves with mace-like spikes.

So I changed the subject. I told them that it looked more like a Legion of Superheroes gathering. They agreed that it was getting a little out of hand and said that they didn't really blame Tony Stark for taking action and cutting costs.

Then I told them that the Fantastic Four never had this kind of trouble. If the Avengers had only named themselves "The Avenging Eight" this problem could have easily been avoided! They laughed. I was no longer going to be clobbered.

I never have dreams this memorable and crazy from any other kind of dinner besides sushi. It makes me think twice when we're figuring out what to have for dinner.

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