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Weekend update

June 18, 2007 @ 9:05am

We had a great weekend. On Saturday we hooked up with my favorite search engine genius Craig and his family at a kid's festival at the South Street Seaport. Just as it was starting to rain we boarded an hour-long Circle Line cruise around Manhattan, our first since at least a few years before 9/11.

To Jack, I'm sure it was like seeing that city he swings around in from his Xbox Spider-Man 3 game come to life. We saw the piers he runs out on (where the Holland Tunnel air ducts come up) and the bridges he swings on and climbs under. We also got to see the Empire State Building, which in his mind is the tallest building Spider-Man can climb to the top of. King Kong who?

On Sunday we had a great Legal Seafood lunch and watched the new Fantastic Four movie. It was a really good movie. The FF were never as serious and dark as the X-Men or Batman and the movie captured the spirit of the comics perfectly.

The whole power swapping thing -- not a spoiler, it's in the previews -- was well done. During their research the writers must have decided that "cosmic rays" and "the power cosmic" were cousins and that's fine with me. I'm one of those fans who doesn't mind Spider-Man's organic web generation in the movies, but I do admit that it does take away from his whole inventor/scientist angle.

The Silver Surfer was perfectly done. I am glad he didn't start off in his own movie, because he worked out great in the Fantastic Four movie. I think they should do the same thing with more Marvel characters. Why make a horrible Namor movie, when FF3 can be "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Sub-Mariner"? Doesn't Johnny Storm have to discover him anyway?

And to top it all off, we went to the Yankees/Mets game last night and the Yankees continued winning. This week will be boring in comparison.

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